[ezcol_2third]This award is presented yearly to the person who has made an outstanding contribution towards the achievements of the Ted Reeve Hockey Association and has given his or her time and effort in the same spirit as did Charlie Robinson.

Who was Charlie Robinson?

Mr. Robinson was a long-standing volunteer who passed suddenly and tragically in 1967.

We, who were so closely associated with him, through the years, realize that he gave a lifetime of service to his community and fellow man, willingly and without thought of reward or personal glorification.


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2014: Mike Miceli
2013: Steve Ord
2012: Kim McLaughlin
2011: Eddy Priest
2010: John Tough
2009: David Byng
2008: Ken Crane
2007: Terry Berwick
2006: Roland Duguay Sr.
2005: Mike Brown
2004: Kevin Natale
2003: Pat O’Leary
2001: Ralph Downing
2000: Brad Fox
1999: Steve King
1998: Ed Otto
1997: Ray Clements
1996: Jim Munro
1996: John Pake
1995: Brian Laughlin
1994: Harry Simpson
1993: Ross Plumley
1993: Colin Berwick
1992: Jack Taylor
1991: Ed Otto
1990: Archie Richardson
1989: Walker McKellar
1988: Don Felora
1987: Jack Lee
1986: Bill Puttick
1985: Ken Goodwin
1984: Donald Murray
1983: Stan Edgell
1982: Eric Kay
1981: Vern Morton
1980: Ed Smith
1979: Norm Wilson
1978: Rene Lessard
1977: Percy Thompson
1976: Bill Tennant
1975: Martin Blake
1974: John & Minnie McKay
1973: Dave Grieve
1972: Al Stillaway
1971: Harry Williams
1970: Harry Elmer
1969: Ed H ull
1969: Earl Robertson
1968: Max Morrison


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