The Ted Reeve Hockey Association is extremely proud to be part of the next generation of hockey players and athletes. We have adopted Hockey Canada’s new guidelines for teaching this great Canadian game and support our players in developing their skills, no matter what their age or level!

House League Player Development

Starting our youngest players off on the right foot is the highest priority for us.

Our Tyke Program is skills based with professional instructors enhancing each players’ on-ice experience combining age appropriate drills with small space games for more puck handling and fun!

Our Novice Program has adopted the Hockey Canada recommended half-ice program for games allowing the players to participate more in the play, control the puck and shoot on net more. Wayne Gretzky and Mike Babcock can’t be wrong, this adaptation is simply the way to start younger players off on their hockey careers!

Additionally, all of our house league players have access to weekly skills development sessions with professional instructors to enhance their individual skills in skating, puck handling and shooting.

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Mike Babcock on half-ice development

A Hockey Canada Perspective 

GTHL and Select Programs

Our competitive teams kick it up a notch! In addition to weekly intensive practices, our GTHL and Select players have:

Professional On-Ice – Individual Skills Development
Focused on increasing the individual player’s hockey skills, training that will drastically improve the player’s confidence and ability.

Professional On-Ice – Team Concepts
Focused on group and positions specific drills and skills to create a successful team.

Professional Dry Land Training
Training leads to better overall athletes.  Our sessions increase agility, strength and stamina while promoting healthy & active lifestyles for our players.

Hockey IQ
Character building, visual learning, team concepts and sports IQ are vital steps for the team and the individual!

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